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  • 8.00 Centre opens-children settling inside

  • 8.30 Free play inside/outside

  • 9.15 Hui- (Transition to school programme)

  • 9.45-10 Morning Kai (younger chn first then 4 yr olds)

  • 10.15 Free play-inside/outside

  • 11.25 clean up time (everyone)

  • 11.30 All together for Karaitiana kaupapa/karakia-(Bible theme of the term)

  • 11.45-12.30 Lunchtime/sleep time for some children

  • 12.00 Free play inside/outside

  • 2.30 Clean up time (everyone)

  • 2.45 Afternoon Hui (games, story time, music)

  • 3.00 Afternoon Kai

  • 3.30 Main programme ends/home time

(Accurate as of January 2022)


Coming to preschool for the first time, or changing from one preschool to another, can be unsettling for a child and their family. We ask parents/whānau to allocate some time to settle their child into Fingerprints. Some children prefer short visits to begin with, others may wish you to stay with them for a short time, while others settle in straight away. We encourage parents/whānau to telephone if you are feeling anxious. We have some very experienced teachers who will help you and your child become a part of the Fingerprints family and will work alongside you during this process.

What to bring
Please provide sufficient healthy food, together with a bottle containing water only, for your child each day. Cups for water are provided if you prefer or forget your child's bottle. Food can be refrigerated or heated but not cooked. You must inform us should your child have allergies when enrolling and we can discuss what your child’s requirements are. Please name all containers and lunch boxes. We are happy to provide you with recommendations for healthy lunch options. If you would like more information on this please see our Team leader Kelly, or any of the teachers can help you.

Please ensure your child brings at least two changes of clothing each day, and these are weather appropriate. If your child is in nappies, please provide at least 4 named nappies each day. We provide wipes. Footwear should be appropriate: gumboots (for outside) and slippers (for inside) are great for winter with sneakers suitable most other times during the year. Jandals and Crocs can be difficult for children on outside climbing equipment, so we prefer children not to wear them at preschool. Warm jackets, hats and sun hats are vital in season. All items of clothing should be named, this is very important. We have a limited amount of spare clothing and appreciate the clean return of any clothing lent out.

When you arrive each day
Please place your child’s bag in a cubby hole with their name tag. Lunch boxes and water bottles are placed on the shelves at the kitchen entrance. Food to be refrigerated and/or heated for lunch should be placed in the containers (ready to heat) on the bench.

What will happen on a daily basis?
Each day your child will be free to choose from a broad range of activities set up in the environment, to promote literacy, numeracy, science, art technology, music, physical play, social skills and drama. In addition, teacher’s co-ordinate a range of group learning experiences, and our transition to school programme, which children will soon love being a part of. Children will sit together to eat lunch between 11.45am-12pm. After lunch, If requested, children can rest or sleep should they need to. We see ourselves as part of the community and plan to take short walks around the local area as it relates to curriculum, projects or interests of the children.

Personal toys
We provide a wide range of developmentally appropriate equipment and resources for your child to use at Fingerprints. We appreciate it however, if your child does not bring toys or valuables from home (unless requested for a special event or news sharing) as we cannot guarantee they won't get broken or lost. If your child has a special comforting soft toy then you are welcome to bring this. Your child will be asked to leave comforters and news items in a special container or their locker until they are required.

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