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Fingerprints is a Christian preschool for children and families of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds. Every child and their family will be welcomed, accepted and respected. Our team of experienced, dedicated teachers are committed to supporting your child to reach his/her God given potential. It is our aim that your child leaves Fingerprints with the confidence and competence to tackle every opportunity life affords her/him and to love learning, even in the face of difficulty.

What does our Christian preschool look like?
At the core of our philosophy is the belief that each of us was created and is loved equally by God. It is our responsibility as a team of teachers to mirror God’s love to all people and ensure that children entrusted to us are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions required to reach their full potential, including having a knowledge of their Creator and His saving grace. Our teachers are committed to supporting our Christian worldview.

You can expect to see:

  • Creation (rather than evolution) given as an explanation as children explore curriculum areas.

  • The character of God used to help children understand how to relate to one another.

  • Children learning to talk to God in prayer; thanking Him for food, His provisions and asking for His help.

  • Children exploring a message from the Bible in depth through a curriculum area such as science, drama or art on a regular basis.


What is our philosophy?

At Fingerprints we believe that each of us was created by and is loved equally by God.

We believe that each child was created uniquely with his/her own temperament, ability and interests. We understand that each child attending Fingerprints comes with her/his own prior knowledge and experience. We believe that it is intentional teaching and responsibility of the teachers, to foster an environment, in which every child’s skills, knowledge and dispositions are developed and furthered, so that he/she might reach his/her God given potential.

At Fingerprints we believe in the biblical principle of parents as first teachers. We are committed to work with parents and whānau responsively and respectfully, to build on the aspirations they have for their child. We value input and family involvement in many aspects of pre-school life. We work alongside parents and whanau in the development of spiritual, educational, physical and social growth of their child. We welcome all and everyone into our preschool community, creating an atmosphere and environment of true inclusivity. We are mindful of and embrace the richness that diversity of race, creed and language brings and celebrate this in many and varied ways, within our curriculum planning. Our aim is to provide an environment that supports everyone involved in our preschool by mirroring God’s love and truth.

We especially recognise our responsibility to develop a partnership with tangata whenua and our obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Teachers are committed to use Te Reo and incorporate appropriate tikanga in their daily practice.

At Fingerprints we value each child’s presence and contribution, acknowledging that the learning process is as important as the end product. We believe children who have experienced quality early childhood education develop robust learning dispositions and important skills that underpin their lifelong learning experiences. Our curriculum gives children many opportunities to learn, through play, in group settings, independently, or under the guidance of teachers. We aim to provide a quality environment that reflects and extends the current interests of tamariki in meaningful ways to them. Our desire is for children to feel comfortable and confident to take risks, to discover, explore, participate, create, problem solve, take responsibility, interact, co-operate, play and laugh. Fun is a daily part of our programme!

Teachers will build relationships, positively role model and encourage a love of learning while working with the children. Teachers will also incorporate diverse teaching styles as they respond to each child’s interest, culture, language and development in unique ways.

Led by a highly experienced Centre Director, Hilary Henderson, our team of teachers reflect our values when delivering a programme that incorporates our philosophy and national curriculum in a way that meets the aspirations you have for your child. To ensure high quality education and care our staff: child ratio of 1:8 exceeds that recommended by the Ministry of Education. Our qualified, certified teachers are supported by an experienced, overseas trained, teacher.

The service provider is Aaron Donaldson who is contracted by South City Christian Centre Education Trust. This Christian Trust is also the owner of Hillview Christian School. 

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